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Android - Where am I? Where am I?

Powerful software that allows you determine your location, your Gmail contacts and your POIs (Point Of Interest) created by you.
'Where am I?' will locate yo on a map indicating the postal address as well. This and more info (map link, weather link, street view link, etc...) can be added into SMS and/or Email.

The main features of "Where am I?" are:
1. It indicates where you are usign GPS, cell network or WiFi. You can share your location whenever you want.
2. It translates your location on a map with zoom, satellite properties and traffic status.
3. This info and also current weahter, forecast weather, sunrise, sunset from location, info about the location (population, etc...), Street View (real photo of this place), detailed and simple map can be added into a SMS and/or Email and also saved to a TXT file on your SD Card.
4. It displays your Gmail* contacts (those ones who are inside a 10km radius from your current location) on the map.
5. It displays your Gmail* contacts on a list showing the distance between you and them. Also street view of their locations.
*Please, refer guide on the app about how to fulfill the fields properly so that the 'Where Am I' can locate your contacts. Please, note that the process of reading contacts may take several seconds. It will depend on the number of contacts to be read.
6. Posibility to create your own POIs that are saved on a database. You can backup & restore this database whenever you wish. The POIs can be created from your location or out of any given address. This POIs will be displayed on a map and if you tap of them the info regarding each POI will be shown.
7. These POIs can also be configured with proximity alert (you select the radious in meters and if the alert must expire and when). The alert warns you with a message and device vibration. Also you are warned when you exit the radius.
8. Options like "Refresh location..." and the posibility to a simple but useful navigation system can be also highlighted.
9. And much more...

'Where am I?' prior to ver. 13.11 supports Android 2.2 or higher. 'Where am I?' (current version) supports Android 4.0.3 or higher.

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