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NOTE: Google has removed this App from Google Play Store in October of 2015. The App was set for 18 years onwards, but erotic content was the reason given by Goole for this action. Nevertheless Google does support games of killing, violence, etc... Seriours and social problems that are prefered for this odd mentality that is typical in some powerful country... The App is still supported for Android on Samsung Apps / Galaxy Apps & Amazon. Also downloadable here.

ContactApp, released in March 2014 and developed in Java & PHP, is the most reliable, safe and easiest dating app available in the market. You can easily find, contact and meet people near you who match all your expectations for friendship, sentimental relationship, sex, etc... on a short o long term, this is up to you. Besides ContactApp is 100% free and there is no section that asks for fee. Since several dating apps and websites are not compliance and create fake profiles (almost always gorgeous women to push men to register, pay, etc...), ContactApp won´t create ever any fake profile. If some fake is created by users, other users will be able to report this and once some reports are collected, the fake profile will be banned.

The perfect app to make friends and to have sentimental or sexual relationships for heterosexual and homosexual people!

Just sign up in 2 minutes and you can start with all ContactApp features.

The main features are as follows:
- 100% free.
- Every profile can upload up to 2 pictures with no content restriction*.
- Add whatever you wish* in your description.
- To be located and shown on a map with the latest known location by ContactApp.
- Private and secure 1:1 Chat based on Google Firebase between ContactApp users in real time with notification when a new message arrives. Also you will know when your messages are read. An awesome messaging system with emoticons that lets you not only chat but share photos,...
- Also free audio and video calls
- Look for dynamic profiles (those ones who agreed to be located by ContactApp) on a map, where your location is also marked. These profiles can selected by gender and range of kilometers. On the map the profile pictures are shown and tapping them all profile data, contact form, etc... can be obtained. The distance is also calculated between every profile and you or a postal address / POI entered by you.
- Detailed search using several search criteria (gender, due date, locality, user name, etc...).
- The profiles found after a detailed search offer all their full profile details, contact form, rating form, etc...
- All profiles appear as preview on a list sorted by recent activity, nearest location (only dynamic profiles) or ratings (3 ratings onwards).

You also can:
· Send your current location and a private photo on a message addressed to a profile.
· Send just a short message to any profile with a kiss that means you like a profile.
· Rate profiles (from 1 to 5 'hearts').
· Block* profiles so that they cannot access to your full profile details, send you a message, etc... (this action can be undone whenever you wish).
· Report abuse from a profile (optionally you can explain the reasons to the ContactApp administrators). If a profile collects some abuse reports from different users, the profile will be banned and not visible any more for the ContactApp community.
· View any individual profile on a map (latest know location and only if the profile is dynamic) and see the distance between this profile and you (or and a postal address / POI entered by you).
· Create your own favorite profile list and a favorite search criteria list as well.
· Restore your profile on your device if you uninstalled / re-installed the app or if you installed it on a new device.
· Check how many people visited your profile and when and who visited it the very last time.
· Update or delete your profile whenever you wish.

- The main ContactApp window contains the menu options:
· Troubleshooting area, etc...
· Social and public chat (registration not mandatory). *
- English and Spanish languages are supported.

* What the profiles upload to ContactApp (text & images) have no restrictions, but this doesn´t mean that such content can be abusive, offensive and disrespectful against other profiles, the common sense or a correct ethical behavior. Insults, pictures that show people aged less than 18, pornographic pictures, etc... are reasons that make that the administrators ban the profile that uploads this kind of content. Also every profile can report abuse if this behavior is detected and if any profile collects some 'abuse' reports will be automatically banned and not visible any more for the ContactApp community.

* The functionality depends 100% on the data source servers.

'ContactApp' supports Android 8 or higher.

Play Store (obsolete - App retired due to its content)
Samsung Apps
Download the APK (installation file) from here APK Files