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I´ve been working since weeks with a new API which is in BETA* version but it works really flawless. So, the app´s been uploaded again to Market. Anyway, the app is also available here, see at the bottom.
*As mentioned above the API is pretty new: It may have less locations available than previous API (Google). Initially no weather data could be retrieved if the location had a population less than 15.000. From aprox. Also the server that provides the weahter info may not response to a huge number of requests from devices in order to update the weather.

'The Weather': Useful and user-friendly widget with the following features:

1. 6 different formats showing weather info and available in different sizes (see screenshots).
2. Multilingual widget. The widget can be in English (UK), English (USA), Spanish and French.
3. If “en” language selected (English – USA) the temperature will automatically be shown in Fahrenheit unit and wind speed in Mph.
4. It shows information regarding the location’s current weather conditions and also with 4 days forecast, altitude, wind (direction and speed), humidity, date/time, sunrise, sunset,…
5. It allows you to zone in to your current location and displays the above-mentioned information. Also it refreshes the location with the frequency (in hours) that you have configured. You can set the wished frequency, even “0”, that means that you prefer manual update. You can manually update your widgets one by one or all at the same time.
6. The targeted location can be shown on a map.
7. The Weather icons will be displayed in either night or daytime mode depending on the location’s time zone.
8. You can even create your own skins (your own icons). The software includes a default skin and 3 simple examples can also be downloaded.
9. The properties widget (language, update frequency, etc…) can be edited whenever you wish with only one touch on the widget.

Please, note that you may avoid the automatic update of your widget(s) if you clear the device RAM memory from the Android Task Admin in order to free memory. It wouldn´t be any error, but a logic issue.
In case of any web reference mentioning that "The Weather" is a paid app, forget it. Now it´s free.

'The Weather' supports Android 2.3.3 or higher.

Download link for The Weather in BETA version: The Weather
Note please that you must activate the option "Trusted sources" through "Settings" -> "Applications" in order to install this app.

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