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BlackBerry 10 or higher & Playbook - Car Sharing Car Sharing?

Useful and original app that lets you to share your car or somebody’s car in the easiest and quickest way. Besides you can save money and cause less pollution.

How? Contact directly via “Car Sharing” with other users through a complete search function, reaching users who submitted, in 1 minute, their interest on car sharing.
Main features:
- Free service of 1:1 & group private Chat in real time with notification when a message has been read. Also with audio and video calls. This makes the communication between users faster.
- Route on a map.
- Search for near users and routes.

In order to submit and publish your offer (interest on sharing your car) or request (interest on sharing somebody’s car), just enter a user name, password, departure and arrival location, dates, etc…. and add the info you wish in the “Comments” field. This simple form contains checkboxes, etc that let you to fulfill it in 1 minute.

The search function makes the trick. With simple filters you will find users who you can share the car with. You just must press the “Contact” or the "Chat" button and “Car Sharing” will send automatically an email or a Chat private message to the user explaining your interest and adding information about you.

Easy, fast, functional, useful, userfriendly, no endless forms, no costs, no limitations,...
This app is a must, better in your pocket, you never know when you really need to share a car with someone who will make the same trip as you.

It supports English & Spanish.

App developed in Java & SQLlite (client side), the infrastructure links to the online SQL Server with middleware developed in PHP.

'Car Sharing' supports BlackBerry 10.2.1 or higher & Playbook.

Social chat for 'Car Sharing' users

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