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BlackBerry 10.2 or higher & Playbook - AppTrade AppTrade

AppTrade is the new app that allows you to offer whatever you don´t need or to search whatever need. Once users are interested on your offer or request, the contact will be established by the app and you can exchange products so that you spare money and avoid to waste your time searching in shops or in the Internet.

You can offer any product, pet, etc...that you don´t want to own any more but users may wish. Just take 2 minutes entering on the app what you offer, a description, how old is what you offer, its working condition, etc... Besides you can add up to 2 pictures so that the users can have a better idea of the offer.

You can also submit a request looking for something, so that users can find and contact you if they own what you are looking for and a trade can be established.
For offers and requests this AppTrade provides a fast, reliable and direct way to establish contact between users. From this moment on, the users would arrange the trade as agreed by themselves.
You also have the possibility to contact other users in a direct way using a safe and private free messaging system: 1:1 chat and also (video) calls.

All data are stored in a safe SQL database server and user's email address won´t be visible ever by other users in order to avoid spam. The telephone number is optional and if a user enters it, it will be visible so that users can contact via phone, whatsapp, etc...

If you are a user who has not submitted an offer or request, you can anyway perform searches using different criteria, even with ambiguous search function so that you can easily find users who match your preferences.

AppTrade allows you to add a price tag for the product you are offering or searching just in case you cannot find a product with to make the exchange with. So, you could make a deal selling or buying a product.

AppTrade provides 2 helpful platforms: "Troubleshooting" and "Chat - Social network" which allow to clear up doubts or to solve known problems. Also the chat is valid not only for the app, but for any kind of issue regarding trades, etc...

It supports English & Spanish.

App developed in Java & SQLlite (client side), the infrastructure links to the online SQL Server with middleware developed in PHP.

'AppTrade' supports BlackBerry 10.2.1 or higher & Playbook.

Social chat for 'AppTrade' users

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